At City Bible Church, we believe that Jesus has placed us here is Bullhead City, Arizona, to be a "city within a city" that is revealing and reflecting Christ as we love and serve the city of Bullhead City and beyond. Our desire is to create environments where people can move on a spiritual journey from the place of being a consumer, who are searching and shopping for answers when it comes to Jesus and the Bible, to the place where they are "owners" who own a genuine and authentic relationship with God, to the place where they are "investors" who are investing their time, talents, and treasure in the kingdom mission that we have been given by Jesus. To that end, we strive to create environments for people of all ages and stages of life where they can explore faith, grow in their faith, and experience genuine and authentic community.  


What makes us different?

As a church, we would be the first to admit that we do not want to be the "average church".  And here's the reason why: We just don't want to do things that would cause others to not understand and embrace who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

For instance, we try not to use information as a source of power. So we try not to have any secrets. We don't want to withhold information.  At City Bible, we strive to tell everyone everything they need to know, so if you don't know something, just ask. Our office has a huge set of folders with minutes from every meeting, all financial information, and more. It is our "open-book"  policy, and you're welcomed to visit those books at any time. It doesn't matter how long you've been attending.

Here's another thing, we believe that God has given us our church campus to be used to advance His kingdom. It is not just to be looked at, but to be used to minister to individuals at every age and stage of life. We also want you to feel at home from the first visit.

We also desire that we journey together through life on this earth, so we desire to come along side and share our struggles, victories and serve one another. Want to get involved?  We'll help you do what God has called you to do. We'll even help you discover your spiritual gifts.  If you're not sure of what to do, we'll help you find a place where you can thrive in ministry. Because we're on the same journey that you are, and striving toward the same goal!