Making your commitment
We are asking everyone who calls City Bible Church their home, as well as anyone who has an interest in furthering this ministry, to prayerfully consider a three year commitment to help create space for the city to encounter Jesus through a new Family Life Center. With this prayerful decision, each of us commits our support and then trusts God to supply the resources. If we are to reach our faith goal, it is going to take sacrificial giving by everyone. As each of us gives according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, our gifts, when taken together will make our new Family Life Center a reality. The giving chart on the next page illustrates how your weekly or monthly commitment can make a large difference over the next three years.

 What are the steps in making this commitment? First, it is important that all of us make our part in this effort a matter of prayer. Investments we make in this campaign are investments in eternity. Let's ask God for His leading in our decision making process. Second, remember commitments to the Capital Campaign are over and above our current giving to the church and are for a three year period. We must continue to support the ongoing ministry of CBC even as we finance the new Family Life Center. Third, please fill out the enclosed commitment card and turn it in to the church by April 23, 2017.

Ways to give
This Capital Campaign is about making investments in eternity; investments that will help people come to explore faith, grow in their faith, and experience genuine and authentic community in a way that advances the kingdom of God and enhances the reputation of God. As the Apostle Paul stated, when we make such eternal investments, we are storing up for ourselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that we may take hold of that which is life indeed. 1 Timothy 6:19.

These investments may be made in various ways:

*Cash gifts
may be made from savings or from current income.

*Gifts of Stock
may be given to the campaign. This is often a desirable way to give, because of significant growth of 
  an investment. By giving a gift of stock, the giver avoids all capital gains taxes on the investment growth and is
  eligible for a tax deduction equal to the full current amount of the stock gift*.

*Gifts of Property such as land or rental property can be made to this campaign. By giving a gift of property the
  giver generally avoids capital gains taxes and will be eligible for the current value of the gift.

*Paid Up Whole Life Insurance Policies can be given to the Capital Campaign.

*Mutual Fund Shares can be transferred to the church avoiding capital gains and allowing for the full current value
  of the gift.

*Actual value of gift is equal to the mean of the high and low stock price on the day of transaction.


You also have the option of making your contribution through your CBC App or click on the 2020 icon to make your contribution online