Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:         Why do we need to start a Capital Campaign now?

A:         As we have grown as a church, the result is that we are running out of ministry space to love and
             serve children, Jr. and Sr. High students, and their families. In   addition, statistics estimate that 8 out of 
            10 people in the Bullhead City community remain unchurched, i.e., they do not know Jesus and/or
             have no church home. A new Family Life Center will create space to love and serve our community more
             effectively by creating space for the city to encounter Jesus.

Q:         What is the total project cost?

A:         Approximately $2 million.

Q:         When does the Capital Campaign start and how long will it run?

A:         The Advanced Commitment phase of the Capital Campaign will begin in mid-February. We will have a  
             commitment Sunday on March 19, 2017. We will receive  donations to the Campaign from March 2017
             to March 2020.

Q:         How will the project be funded?

A:         The congregation has approved funding the project through a combination of gifts and commitments to
             be collected over three years.

Q:         Why are donors asked to fill out commitment cards?

A:         Donors are asked to fill out commitment cards so that the church can get a snapshot of the overall
            progress made toward the campaign goal, so it can plan as money from the commitments are received.
            Commitment cards are not legally binding.

Q:         Do I have flexibility in making my financial commitment?

A:         Yes, these are the general categories under which you can make your commitment:

            1.         A lump sum from accumulated cash.

            2.         Regular campaign giving of a designated amount such as weekly,, bi-weekly, or monthly.

            3.         A non-cash asset such as property, stocks, bonds, etc. *

                        *The donation of appreciated assets, such a stocks or real estate, usually has tax benefits for the
                          donor. We recommend you check with your tax advisor for verification.

Q:         How will I designate my giving to the Capital Campaign on Commitment Sunday?

A:         Write "2020 Vision" on your check or offering envelope, or select "2020 Vision" when giving online or
             with the church app.

Q:         Where do I get my Final Commitment Card and when should it be submitted?

A:         Final Commitment Cards and confidentiality envelopes are included in this brochure. Final Commitment
            Cards and envelopes will also be available on an ongoing basis at the Welcome Desk. These envelopes
            will be collected from March     19, 2017 to April 23, 2017.

Q:         What happens to the commitments once they are submitted?

A:         The financial commitments will be tabulated and the total dollar amount will be reported to the

Q:         When should I begin fulfilling my financial commitment?

A:         You can begin immediately following Commitment Sunday. One time gifts should be given as you
             indicate on your final commitment card.

 Q:         Will I make my commitment publicly?

A:         No. Your giving will be handled with the same confidentiality as regular tithes and offerings.

Q:         Will I have the opportunity to revise my commitment?

A:         Absolutely. Should you feel the Lord leading you to alter your commitment, you may do so.

Q:        If my income increases, should I put the increase towards my regular giving or to the Capital

A:         We would ask that you seek the Lord's direction as to how you allocate future increases.

Q:        If our annual budget income exceeds expenses, can that surplus be allocated to the Capital

A:         Yes. Once given, it is under the church leadership's discretion as to where any excess income is allocated.